Why Is My Hair Falling Out?

why is my hair falling out

Hair loss is a common phenomenon with every human being. It is widely known that most human being loose as much as 120 strands in one day. This may be caused by your age, the amount of hair on your head and the growth of your hair. Hair loss is typically common but there are instances when it may be a server case of hair loss. That is why before one ruches off to the doctor about hair loss problems they need to first find out what the main cause is. A very popular question that most people ask is why is my hair falling out?

why is my hair falling out

Individuals with fine hair have the tendency to loose more hair than those with thicker hair. In women they can experience tremendous hair loss during their menopause period. It is not that the hair thins at this point in time, but it is the time that one visibly notices that they have less hair. Fortunately, this thinning will stop after a while, unlike in the case of aging men.

The not so server cases of hair loss occur as the seasons change. Why your hair is falling out may be due to the fact that you hair has reached the maturity growth phase. This will depend on the season that you are in, be it in fall or in the summer. It is commonly known that baldness both in men and women can be a cause of hair loss. However, you may ask yourself “why my hair is falling out?” yet you do not have a case of baldness in your family? There are certain caused such as illnesses or stress that do also act as causes of hair loss. Iron deficiency, problems with your thyroid, excessive weight loss and stress are other causes of hair loss. These kinds of cause can be easily treated if one follows the correct procedure or consults with the doctor for treatment.

One cause of hair loss that affects men and women alike apart from baldness is the issue of hormonal changes. For women, they experience extreme hormonal changes during pregnancy. Not all women with go through this, but for those who do they experience hair loss due to post-pregnancy changes in hormones. It may also be expected during the time of use of contraceptives or after one stops using these birth control pills.

Aged individual need not ask themselves “why is my hair falling out?” it is common for aged people to have their hair thinning. The main cause of this is due to hair follicles shrinking as one grows older. It is a universal trend with every human being. As the hair follicles become smaller, it produces skinnier hair that comes with short strands. It may reach a point in which it dies off completely. However, this will be determined by the individual’s genetic make up.

These are the main causes to your question of “why is my hair falling out?” therefore, you start to panic about your thinning hair you need to first ensure it is not due to one or two of the causes mentioned here.