Fit and Healthy at the Age of 40

The body tends to gradually change with the increasing age. The exercises you enjoyed doing in your thirties, become painful when you reach your forties and fifties.

There is a big increase nowadays in weight loss programs providing many plans and workouts, but the question arises: are they all effective?

This question is quite difficult to answer before trying any of the program, but the reviews and testimonial can tell you all about it. If you see negative feedback that means that the program is just a scam, and if positive reviews are given by the actual customers than it is definitely worth a try. It is okay for the people in their 20’s or 30’s to try different programs because they are capable of doing so, but is it ok for people at the age of 40 and beyond to experiment such things? Definitely Not!

This system is based on the requirements for the specific age group of 40 and above. And with this, we can tell that it is very easy to use and does not require much knowledge. It is a very suitable choice for people suffering from injuries, or people who are in their 40’s or even above that.

Old School New Body System-dfuljqaheg-52729

The Old School New Body System comprises of three different stages, each having its own unique benefit to the body. The stages or phases are known as: Lean, Shape, and Build respectively. Each of these three categories have their desired goals and give results accordingly.

It is a relatively big program, with the main focus on these F4X stages, as the author calls them.

What are these 3 stages?

Basically they are designed for targets.

The Lean Workouts are considered as the initial stage in which all the weight loss, routine set up, getting to know the exercises is going on. For many people, this stage is the permanent stage and they do not go down to the other two because they do not want the shaping and toning of the muscles.

People who have the desire to shape and tone their bodies like body builders go further down to the other two steps.

The Shaping Stage is the next stage for the people who have the desire to have shaped muscles. They have to work out for about an hour or less to shape up the muscle to fit in the frame. The weight loss and reductions of excess fat continues to this stage.

The Build Stage is for the people who actually want a peak physique, just like the body builders.

If you want to look young and healthy at your age, then the Lean Phase in the F4X System is enough for you.