Bikram Yoga Poses

Bikram Yoga is a popular form of yoga because it helps to work the entire body. Through a series of 26 different poses a person can find comfort and improvement over the long term. Yoga like this can help to boost our metabolism, immune system, blood circulation, the way that we absorb oxygen and more. Bikram yoga definitely has some difficult poses involved that take practice but by going through them regularly you can work at improving your overall health.

bikram yoga poses

Bikram yoga is all about intense focus and steadiness of mind. While the poses may feel rather uncomfortable or impossible the first time that you go through them, they will come over time and provide you with rewarding benefits.
Bikram Yoga poses are often done in heat as well. This works to improve the body’s natural detoxification effort, improves circulation and reduces pain and inflammation holding the poses.

Before you start taking on Bikram Yoga poses especially in a heated room, you need to start off with hydrating. Bikram yoga sequences are designed to be done in a room heated to 107°F so a lot of sweating will most likely be occurring. Drink at least one full litre of water 30-45 minutes before you start. Be sure to practice deep breathing throughout and don’t push your body to the point of injury. You may not be able to perform all of the Bikram yoga poses on the first try and that is OK. Remember that you can transform and eventually master the techniques. Also important that you follow the techniques in order as they are designed to complement each other and offer a safe experience. Skipping instructions are rushing to the end could potentially cause you injury. When doing Bikram Yoga poses it is usually best to do them with a guide to begin with or to read through the poses like a book with a mirror to guide your form.